Story of KRA and KPI -24

KPI Stands for Sales and not Production !!!

The proliferation of KPI culture within our country's industries is undeniable. However, there exists a prevalent misconception that KPIs primarily pertain to sales and production departments. While the KPIs for these departments are undoubtedly crucial, it's imperative to recognize the significance of KPIs across all organizational functions. Relying solely on sales and production KPIs to evaluate overall company performance is insufficient, as it overlooks the multifaceted nature of business operations.

The KPIs for departments such as Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Merchandising, Planning, Information Technology, Commercial, Product Development, Sample, Quality, and Supply Chain Management are equally vital. Each department contributes uniquely to the company's success, and their performance indicators play a pivotal role in assessing organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Over the past seven years, our focus has extended to developing KPIs for over 40 categories within our industry. However, there remains ample room for further refinement and expansion of KPI frameworks. Enhancing KPIs to be more production-oriented and business-focused is crucial. By identifying the existing limitations and enhancing interactivity, we aim to evolve a more robust KPI system that drives continuous improvement and propels our industry to unprecedented heights.

Moving forward, our commitment lies in collaborating with diverse departments to develop comprehensive KPI frameworks that encapsulate the holistic performance of the organization. This strategic approach not only facilitates performance measurement but also empowers companies to identify areas of improvement proactively and implement necessary interventions.

In the forthcoming installments, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of refining KPIs and charting a path towards organizational excellence. Stay tuned for further insights and developments!

Continuing the journey together ...............

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